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Hyperlight’s energy-information manipulates energy in the segments where the energy is congested or completely blocked. As a result, it is freeing the energy-stagnations and rejuvenating the body on the quantum level. Therefore, Hyperlight can be seen as bio-regenerative therapy: it restores the subtle energy fields, bringing the entire body’s system back to homeostasis (natural healthy state).
Everything that exists including crystals, plants, animals, and humans is sustained by atoms that emit radiation and energy. Every cell in the body emits more than 100,000 photon-impulses per second which are responsible for maintaining health. Human cells, tissues and organs radiate energy and light (mostly infrared radiation, which is electromagnetic radiation with a frequency lower than visible light). Therefore, General Medicine cannot tend to reduce human bodies anatomy down to a simplified version that consists of only flesh, bones and blood:
We are "pulsating light-beings” whose energy (from the atomic to the molecular level), is continuously in motion. This facet is imperative for understanding how the body’s "vital energy” directs and maintains human health.
In Traditional Medicine TM, vital energy (qi or ch’i) is described as a vital force forming part of any living entity. Qi translates literally as "air” and figuratively as "material energy”, "life force”, or "energy flow”. Qi is the central underlying principle in Chinese and Ayurvedic Traditional Medicine. Qi is a vital force, the flow of which must be unimpeded for health.
When the so-called "vital-energy” flows freely, the body is in a state of coherence (healthy condition).

In contrast, if the vital-energy flow is disrupted, the body is in a state of incoherence (unhealthy condition). If the energy in one organ is disproportional, the rest of the organs are negatively influenced, and in a domino effect, the health-system is gradually collapsing.
The incoherent state can be identified with the quantum diagnostic device Veda Pulse. It is the apparatus based on the Heart Rate Variability HRV analysis method, recognized by the European Society of Cardiology and North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology.
By registering the biopotentials generated in the heart and performing HRV mathematical analyses, Veda Pulse detects the rhythm and energy of organs, meridians, regulation systems, and other vital parameters. The software portraits the energy fluctuations and stagnations in the entire bio system.
The energy stagnations in the organs can be restored with Quantum Hyperlight therapy.
Dr. Đuro Koruga in his book "Hyperpolarized light”, comprehends Quantum Hyperlight’s physical characteristics and its positive effects on bio-structures. According to Dr. Koruga, there are three characteristic peaks: 5811 nm (0.0133 eV), 8732 nm (0.0268 eV), and 13300 nm (0.0181 eV) which have a significant influence on the quantum state of biological structures (conformational state of biomolecules).
Quantum Hyperlight possesses the same type of symmetry (energy-structure) as human biostructures. Through light-matter interactions and the resonance principles of biomimicry, Quantum Hyperlight, which is a superior bio-resonator (constant perfect structure),imposes its energetic and informational properties onto the disturbed incoherent biostructures, bringing them back to their natural and healthy state of coherence.
Traditional Medicine describes biologically active zones (which lie along meridians in the body) as invisible channels, where the "vital-energy” flows.
The 12 major meridians connect networks of 12 organs, organizing a system of communication throughout the body.
Hyperlight’s energy-information manipulates energy in the segments where the energy is congested or completely blocked. As a result, it is freeing the energy-stagnations and rejuvenating the body on the quantum level.
Based on the quantum diagnostics results by Veda Pulse (functional body-state analyses), a noticeable positive effect on health is revealed, which is characterized by the energy harmonization in the biologically active zones that had previously an energy deficit. The BIOPTRON Veda Pulse experiment concludes: energy is transmitted exactly in the areas where there was an energy-deficit.

Therefore, Hyperlight can be seen as bio-regenerative therapy: Quantum Hyperlight restores the subtle energy fields, bringing the entire body’s system back to homeostasis (natural healthy state).
Since disease starts first as a "energy stagnation”, before the body shows any symptoms, Hyperlight is advisable to be used as a prophylaxis treatment.
Bioptron Hyperlight Veda Pulse experiment – conducted by Oleg Sorokin, Ph.D. - Director BioKvant and Olja Lopushansky - Director Bioptron Nederland
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The left image shows the energy-status in the body before the Bioptron Hyperlight exposure: the yellow-green boxes present the energy congestion, while the yellow boxes present the blocked energy in organs and systems. In this particular case, the energy imbalances were detected even in 9 systems.
After 10 minutes of Bioptron Hyperlight exposure, the result is significant. From 9 imbalanced
systems even in 6 systems is the energy revived and restored.

Renowned scientist Sir Roger Penrose (Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics in 2020), in his book “Shadows of the mind”, comprehends the research of Dr. Đuro Koruga: Understanding the geometry in bio-systems, we can decode and biohack our biology!
The experiment Darkfield Microscopy (Live blood cell analysis) confirms the significant positive impact of Quantum Hyperlight on biostructures:
1. Biostructure rejuvenation: stimulation of the regenerative and reparative processes in biological structures. Red blood cells and MICROTUBULES (tubular structures inside eukaryotic cells - part of the cytoskeleton that plays a role in determining the Torus cell’s shape) are reshaped into their previous original torus shape - an ideal healthy cell condition and cell formation.
2. Quantum Hyperlight reestablishes the cell’s communication: Quantum Hyperlight communicates with the molecules, cells, and tissues, conveying its ideal informational- energetic state, inducing harmonization and equilibrium in energetically disturbed biological structures, accelerating natural healing processes.
3. Improved oxygenation (supplies oxygen to tissues): red blood cells play a crucial role in the human body for their prolific ability to transport oxygen to different tissues. "A human red blood cell is a dimpled ballerina, ceaselessly spinning, tumbling, bending, and squeezing through openings narrower than its width to dispense life-giving oxygen to every corner of the body.” (UCSD researchers, Annals of Biomedical Engineering)
4. Promoted cell biostimulation at the quantum level, and in this way improves the body’s defense system.
5. Anti-coagulating effect and inhibiting blood cell aggregation: reducing the risk of blood clots (as mono or complementary therapy: prevention of myocardial infarct).
6. Increase cellular oxygenation and detoxification
7. Reinforces the body’s defense system
8. Enhanced cellular energy, Increased overall energy: wellbeing treatment -replenished and rejuvenated body.

Altered blood: Red blood cells obviously form stacks (socalled rouleaux)
Red blood cells are clotted, unordered and inactive (clustered structures), which could reveal (or lead) to cardiovascular diseases, inflammations and oxygen deficiency at the tissue level (hypoxia).

After 10 minutes of Quantum Hyperlight exposure, previous clustered structures change into entirely separated blood cells which embody the entire blood revitalization: from the unhealthy state, erythrocytes/ microtubules are modified into a torus shape, obtaining the same energy structure as Quantum Hyperlight, the initial natural healthy state (HYPERLIGHT ENERGY INFORMATION STATUS = BIOSTRUCTURES ENERGY-INFORMATION STATUS).
Empowered with such inconceivable light energy (energy, information and frequency), cells move faster (remarkable anti-coagulating effect). The red cells revive from inactivity into healthy live active cells, proving that Hyperlight has quantum healing properties (rejuvenation at the quantum level). The energized blood flows unrestrictedly, effortlessly conveying oxygen into the vital organs, improving the processes of nutrient transport into the cells, facilitating removal of debris and possibly preventing hypertension, thrombosis (hazardous blood coagulation), stroke, heart attack, inflammations, etc.
BIOPTRON® Quantum Hyperlight can rejuvenate unhealthy cells and recreate vigorous energized, healthy red blood cells and microtubules (an ideal healthy cell condition and cell formation), all of which are critical to maintain a healthy body.
It is concluded: red blood cells/microtubules rejuvenation is achieved through Quantum Hyperlight exposure. Therefore, an interesting question arises:
As microtubules are influenced by Hyperlight, does such light have an impact on our consciousness as well?
Sir Roger Penrose, together with Stuart Hameroff has developed the Orch OR theory. OR theory proposes quantum computations in microtubules in the brain. According to Penrose, microtubules are the ‘quantum channels’ responsible for consciousness. Interference of microtubule vibrations is recorded by Electroencephalogram EEG. The microtubule vibrations ‘beat frequencies’ arise from a deeper level in the brain. Thus, Quantum coherence happens in microtubules, inside the brain’s neurons.

Humans are EM nature, sustained by water. Whilst the human body is made up of 70% water, at a molecular level, human bodies are more than 99% water!
Water conducts the electricity in the body. The biological structures are supplied with additional electrons (energy) and information, which is transmitted through the hydrogen water bond chain. Therefore, water is alive. And does it have the memory, because the information remains in the body?... Even after some days after being influenced by outside factors. The concept of the memory of water goes back to 1988 when Professor Jacques Benveniste claims that extremely high ‘ultramolecular’ dilutions of an antibody had effects in the human basophil degranulation test, a laboratory model of immune response. In other words, the water diluent ‘remembered’ the antibody long after it was gone. Concept of hydrogen bonds in water, an attraction between two atoms that already participate in other chemical bonds. Hydrogen bonds form between neighboring water molecules when the hydrogen of one atom comes between the oxygen atoms of its own molecule and that of its neighbor. This happens because the hydrogen atom is attracted to both its own oxygen and other oxygen atoms that come close enough. A consequence of hydrogen bonding is that hydrogen bonds tend to arrange in a tetrahedron around each water molecule, leading to the well-known hexagonal crystal structure of snowflakes. These bonds are the primary reason water displays such interesting and unusual chemical properties, many of which aren’t found in any other chemical substance.
"Hexagonal body’s geometry” is directly related to Dr. Gerald Pollack and Structured Water Science. According to Dr. Pollack, structured hexagonal water affect the body in different ways:
● The hexagonal body water structure (structured water) is preferred by all biological organisms. Structured water is involved in the healthy functioning of the DNA, enzyme reactions and numerous metabolic processes, it’s essentially the main carrier of all the electric signals that bodies generate. Water is unswervingly involved in the optimal functionality of all the physical and mental functions. Water is central to every function of the cell - whether it’s muscle contraction, cells dividing, or nerves conducting.
● More energy from stronger mitochondria- Structured water delivers electrons to the mitochondria, and aids in generating more energy to the cells/ body.
● Anti-aging - Structured water acts as an antioxidant, protecting the cells from free radicals and slowing down cellular aging.
● Protein folding - Structured water binds to proteins and can deliver the energy they need to recover. BIOPTRON performed an experiment at the Dr. Masaru Emoto Institute in Japan, proving Bioptron Hyperlight creates „Hexagonal Structured Water which has a vital role for the human body”:
1. Tap-water crystal (molecule) is irregular, incoherent – unstructured, representing ‘molecular incoherence’, meaning that it is not symmetric to the body water.
2. Emoto’s experiment reveals that when tap-water is exposed to BIOPTRON® Quantum Hyperlight, it affects the water structure, modifying it into a hexagonal water shape crystal that represents the ultimate state of ‘molecular coherence’.
"BIOPTRON made an experiment in our Masaru Emoto laboratory in Tokyo:
Regarding the water in the human body, it is very important the meaning of "coherence”. Coherence stands for health and incoherence stands for disease. "Tumor” means not more coherent "water-structure” in the human body.
…Humans resonate with the dynamic harmonic field of the cosmos, and if our body-water is in harmony with the cosmos, then we feel good, we are healthy and everything feels good.
And, BIOPTRON Quantum Hyperlight can access this field!”
Akiko Stein, Peace Ambassadress Of Water – Guardian for the heritage of Dr. Masaru Emoto
As well as helping to keep us alive and healthy, drinking the right volume of healthy Quantum Hyperlight water can be beneficial to help improve athletic performance, aid cognitive function and boost a person’s mood.
Structured Bioptron Hyperlight Water is created if purified water (Edel Wasser or Aquena Pro) is exposed to Bioptron Hyperlight. The duration is 10 minutes.
In analogy to the Masaru Emoto experiment, a healthy Structured body water is created in the body cells and organ - by 10 minutes of exposure to Bioptron Quantum Hyperlight.
And, in the end, just to remind you: "Lifestyle is the medicine!”
Veda Pulse, Darkfield microscopy, and Emoto experiments have revealed that BIOPTRON QUANTUM HYPERLIGHT can positively influence the human body on the quantum level!
Since disease starts as an “energy stagnation” even before the body shows any symptoms, it is advisable for everyone to integrate into a daily life program ``exposure to Quantum Hyperlight`` and receive a daily dose of healthy light! … to diminish the possible energy stagnations, and maintain a healthy body:
 Revitalize, Restore and Renew!
Think Healthy. Stay Safe!

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