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Turn on BIOPTRON, turn off the pain!

Turn on BIOPTRON, turn off the pain!

BIOPTRON Light Therapy - the latest technology of modern medicine is a solution that brings relief to people suffering from pain.

The winter period is the time of holidays and trips. The ski season is also the time when it is not difficult to get injured or push your body up. The use of pharmaceutical painkillers burdens the body and is definitely not the best method in the fight against pain. Therefore, modern medicine returns to the ancient method of light therapy, which reduces pain without causing side effects. Our predecessors have already discovered the healing properties of light. Over the past decades, this method has been improved and is now returning with great success. Today, you can use this method of treatment using BIOPTRON Light Therapy.
BIOPTRON devices emit polarized and polychromatic light that is a combination of the visible and infrared spectrum. BIOPTRON Polarized Light can be effectively used to treat pain associated with musculoskeletal injuries such as back / spine pains, headaches, joints and rheumatic pains. BIOPTRON light therapy can also be used in healing soft tissue injuries (eg muscle spasms, dislocations, sprains, dislocations and injuries), brings visible effects in posttraumatic treatment ie. injuries, burns, surgical wounds, dislocations, injuries, muscle relaxes, reduces swelling and redness. Light stimulates the production of endorphins, which naturally brings pain relief.
BIOPTRON uses natural processes of our body, and therefore, unlike analgesics, it does not cause unwanted side effects. Bioptron devices are user-friendly. The recommended therapeutic dose is only 8 minutes a day. It's so little, but so much for the body! Light therapy session should be carried out every day, preferably 5 days a week, prophylactically - 1 x day, therapeutically from 3 to 5x a day.


BIOPTRON light is no longer just a therapy used by doctors and clinics. Thanks to the BIOPTRON Pro 1 product, this unique technology can also be an integral part of your home place.
The BIOPTRON Light Therapy System works based on the findings of the pioneer of this therapy - Niels Ryberg Finsen, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1903 for his contribution to the development of medical sciences.
Application of Bioptron Light Therapy:

  • injuries and bones and joint system overloads (over stretching tendons, abrasions, contusions, sprains)
  • muscles sores - reducing muscle tension
  • relieves pain in the spine and joints, for example after intense physical exercise
  • supports the healing process of wounds
  • (post-traumatic, postoperative, burns, decubitus ulcers, ulcerations)
  • rheumatic diseases (it brings relief to degenerative diseases of the joints, increases physical activity,)
Bioptron - we have tamed the power of nature for you!

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Bioptron Light Therapy
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