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How to complete your My Account registration

How to complete your My Account registration
When you make a purchase on our Zepter Canada webshop, as a Zepter Club Member, you will receive the 3 following emails.

  1. Thank you for registering with Clublive100!”: This email expresses our thanks to you, for becoming part of the Zepter Family.

  1. Registration confirmation –”: This email contains your Login Email and Temporary Password information. Use this information to log in to your Zepter Shop account. Logging in will allow you to view past orders, change your password, and will guarantee a discounted Club member price on all future purchases.
  1. “ Zepter – Newsletter Subscription Confirmation”: Every Zepter Club Live member is automatically opted into the Zepter Canada Newsletter! These Newsletters include exclusive promotions, new product lauches, and much more! You can always choose to opt out, without losing your club member benefits.

You may also receive other Zepter emails containing your order summary, payment confirmation, and order updates.

Please be sure to check your Junk or Spam Mailboxes, if you do not recieve the emails in your direct inbox. If the emails are found in your Junk or Spam Mailboxes, please move them to your Inbox.

If you are experiencing any issues, or have any inquries, please email us at

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