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Hyperlight Eyewear

Hyperlight Eyewear
According to our knowledge, the only way to absorb your daily dose of hyperlight – the healthy light that protects and heals – and to keep your “body and mind” balance is to opt for the Hyperlight Eyewear.
Katarina Bajec

At the very beginning, I would like to take you back to the past, to 1903 – the year when the Danish Professor Niels Finsen received the Nobel prize in medicine for the treatment of lupus vulgaris, a serious skin condition, with concentrated light. This prize opened a totally new field in medicine: the field of light therapy.

It is a well-known fact that life without light is impossible, although we often forget this. We all need a daily dose of light. But which light? And is every light healthy? No. Unfortunately, we are living in the time of extreme pollution. The air is polluted. The water is polluted. The light is polluted as well. What often goes unnoticed is that polluted light is a “hidden” cause of numerous serious health conditions, such as eye problems, insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

The light that we all need is the light that protects and heals at the same time. The only healthy light with these characteristics is Hyperlight.

What is Hyperlight?

Before I answer this question, we will travel through time again, this time back to 1985, when C₆₀ molecule was discovered, and to 1996, when the Nobel Prize for Chemistry went into the hands of 3 scientists. Kroto, Smalley and Curl were awarded for the dis- 137 SCIENCE MAGAZINE covery of fullerene C₆₀ – the unique allotropic form of carbon, which is characterized by icosahedral symmetry, structured by Fibonacci sequence, identical to the symmetry observed in healthy, functional human biological structures and processes.

The discovery of fullerene C₆₀ opened a new chapter in quantum medicine and contributed to completely new medical treatments, granting better life. Fullerene C₆₀ has unprecedented quantum properties, including a unique rotation with a twist rate of 18 billion times per second.

 According to the Resonance principles of biomimicry, when two resonators possess the same type of symmetry, nano complex based on C₆₀ molecule with its superior constant ideal structure can impose its energetic and structural properties on the damaged molecules, adjusting them to its ideal energy structure, giving them back a much-needed balance and returning them to a natural healthy state.


Hyper-harmonized light – Hyperlight – originates from the polluted light which passes through Fullerene Hyperlight Lens. Any polluted light passing through Fullerene Hyperlight Lenses is transformed into a uniquely structured Hyper-harmonized light complex called Quantum Hyperlight.

 As we are living in the era of pollution, naturally, indoor as well as outdoor light is polluted. Indoor radiation coming from artificial light sources (electronic devices, LED bulbs, neon lights, etc.) is harmful, as is out[1]door natural sunlight radiation (some window spectra of the sun)

How does indoor and outdoor polluted light affect our health?

Major components of light are absorbed by our eyes. Harmful UV and high-energy blue light from electrical devices and the sun is extremely polluted, thus damaging our eyes, as well as accelerating the process of cataract and macular degeneration formation. Furthermore, blue light is a major cause of Computer Vision Syndrome, or Digital Eye strain.

But the eye is not the only structure affected by the polluted light. Many processes in the brain are mediated by light

The fact that in 2017 the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to the scientists Hall, Rosbash, and Young for the discovery of circadian rhythms speaks in favor of the aforementioned statement.


Circadian rhythm is a natural bodily process mediated by the neurotransmitter melatonin, which alters in response to light over the course of the day.

Two additional neurotransmitters – dopamine and serotonin – are mediated by light as well. Dopamine, also known as the “pleasure hormone”, regulates the reward system and is responsible for addiction behavior, while serotonin, also known as the “happiness hormone”, affects our mood.

Exposure to harmful and polluted indoor and outdoor light affects these processes and is responsible for sleep disorders, cognitive failure, lethargy, depression, nervousness, and anxiety

With all of this in mind, a major question arises:

How can we protect ourselves from the harmful and polluted light that surrounds us and how can we restore the much-needed health and body balance?

Thanks to the ingenious Zepter R&D team, the answer is by means of the unique, revolutionary Hyperlight Eyewear. The patented unique BIOPTRON Hyperlight Eyewear comprises specifically designed nano com[1]plex Fullerene Hyperlight lenses. Thanks to the properties of fullerene nano complex and this unique Swiss product, Hyperlight Eyewear enhances concentration, attention, and memory, thus improving cognitive abilities, decision making, productivity, and efficiency.

Hyperlight Eyewear reduces intraocular light scattering, and enhances contrast sensitivity and color intensity, thus improving vision, reducing eye fatigue and discomfort, and preventing cataract and macular degeneration.
Furthermore, the unique properties of Hyperlight Eyewear affect the secretion of melatonin, serotonin, and dopamine, therefore improving mood; reducing stress, depression, and anxiety; regulating the sleep cycle; and restoring complete psychological balance

In these “pandemic” times of social isolation, global uncertainty, and stress, we need Hyperlight Eyewear to maintain our overall health more than ever. Whether healthy or not, young or old, everyone needs a daily dose of hyperlight to keep his or her health in balance

According to our knowledge, the only way to absorb your daily dose of hyperlight – the healthy light that protects and heals – and to keep your “body and mind” balance is to opt for the Hyperlight Eyewear
Nanotechnology is a swiftly rising field that significantly contributes to the present progress in the development of effective biomaterials. Among various nanomaterials, car[1]bon nanostructures and their derivatives like fullerenes have attracted significant attention due to their extraordinary properties and potential applications in a vast number of existing and emerging conditions

Fullerenes offer a promising potential to engage with biological molecules. In particular, they have been found to possess powerful bactericidal properties toward pathogenic microorganisms. The mechanism by which fullerenes inactivate bacteria is complex and depends on the intrinsic properties of particular nanostructures, such as composition and surface modification, the nature of the target microorganisms, and the characteristics of the environment in which cell-nanostructure interactions take place

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