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The beginning of a special collaboration

The beginning of a special collaboration
We have started a special collaboration with vegan chef Dr. Anita Árvai
I am happy to introduce you to a new love project of mine. Our professional relationship with Zepter Hungary is as natural and obvious as a family relationship. 
It is a wonderful professional and emotional collaboration, rooted in the past, but as timeless as the products I have come to know through them. 
I had a huge laugh when the management asked me what I used from the Zepter product range. My answer was “almost everything”, but the tools that I use in my kitchen every day are 20-25 years old and are in perfect condition, only the design has changed several times since then. 
Indeed, it had never occurred to me that using a pot or any other kind of kitchen equipment for more than 20 years seems almost impossible in today's world. And really, I hadn't even noticed that my Zepter cookware didn’t seem to show signs of wear with the passage of time. But now I'm as proud of my brand new things as I was of my first pair of red shoes as a little girl! In my first video I'll tell you a little bit of my story and then in the next episodes, I'll show you some divine recipes. In this episode, you'll also see a simple vegetable cream that I consumed for 9 days and not a drop of it went to waste. Thanks to VacSy's vacuum system, I was able to enjoy even the last bite as if it had been freshly made. And that’s TRUE! 
Please receive this video with as much love as I put into making it.

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