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World Water Day 2023: How to Accelerate Change and Do Your Part?

World Water Day 2023: How to Accelerate Change and Do Your Part?
It’s shocking that the water that forms the lifeblood of our planet has become a leading contributor to global health crises. From Antarctica to every single corner of the globe, dangerous levels of ‘forever chemicals’ have been discovered in our water sources. And with tap water being the primary source of drinking water for most people, it can be hard to know just how safe it is. With breakages, old rusty pipes, and poor sanitization, it can be difficult to ensure that what you're drinking is free from toxins and pollutants.
This has led many people to believe that bottled water is a safer solution. However, much of this “pure” water is simply filtered municipal water packed into plastic bottles - which itself holds an array of hidden dangers like microplastics and toxic chemicals from packaging.
The only secure way to ensure your family's safety is by putting your own quality control into play through effective water purification systems. Companies like Zepter International Canada Inc. are offering households, offices, schools and institutions access to easy-to-maintain solutions for clean and healthy drinking water without having to resort to dangerous alternatives such as bottled drinks or municipal tap water.
Products like Edelwasser & AqueenaPro feature 5-stage reverse osmosis purification technology that can remove impurities, contaminants, bacteria and more from any given source - while also utilizing low energy levels so you don't have to worry about your carbon footprint either! With (76.8 liters) daily production rate in the case of Edelwasser and (370 liters) in AqueenaPro's case you will never run out! Plus they come with an elegant design so they will fit perfectly into any countertop - making them your go-to solution for clean drinking solutions.

But don't forget - there are other everyday habits we must adopt too if we're going to make a truly lasting difference on our planet and help preserve its environment for future generations. So when it comes down sustaining healthier lifestyles we should all do our part! We can start by making small changes towards more eco-friendly practices such as using natural cleaning products instead of chemicals whenever possible, being mindful about food waste disposal practices and reducing energy consumption where possible.
At Zepter International Canada Inc. we want you on board this individual yet joint journey so together let's take steps towards ensuring a cleaner, healthier planet for ourselves and future generations!

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