VacSy® is a worldwide-patented food vacuum system - designed to create a vacuum inside special glass containers and special air-tight bags. The vacuum environment deprives bacteria, moulds and fungi of the oxygen needed for survival and maintains the flavour and nutritional properties of the food in an unaltered state! Food stays fresh and healthy for up to 5 times longer than in the normal refrigerator conditions.

The VacSy® System can be used to vacuum-pack fresh or prepared foods directly in VacSy® Containers, Zepter Cookware, Bottles and VacSy® Rolls.

The VacSy® System protects food from premature spoilage making it easy to plan ahead and buy food in larger volumes, thus saving on grocery purchases and on time spent shopping.

To preserve the food’s nutritional properties while cooking, use Zepter Masterpiece Cookware, which enables you to cook without fats, water and salt, at low temperatures. Food retains its full flavour, vitamins and organoleptic properties. Stored in VacSy®, daily meals remain fresh, healthy and tasty for up to 5 times longer.

VacSy - Food Preservation System



A user-friendly and versatile vacuum system that can be combined with VacSy® containers, products from the Zepter Masterpiece Cookware line, as well as any commercial containers. Using smart wireless technology, the VacSy® pump brings you the advantages of mobile and easy handling - ANYWHERE AT ANYTIME! The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery prolongs the wireless working time (approx. 30min. continious usage) .Includes a space-saving stand, perfect on the countertop or even mounted on the wall.


Advanced technology, top quality materials, and modern design make the VacSy® System superior to anything else in its class. Featuring a fully automatic vacuum packing function, for the most convenient use, as well as a stress-free vacuum packing function, for delicate and moist foods.

The supplied adaptor turns the VacSy® sealing unit into a vacuum pump, and makes it compatible with VacSy® patented vacuum containers, universal lids and bottle caps.

The unit features built-in liquid sensors that prevent the liquid from penetrating the device when vacuuming foods high in moisture. Its integrated overheating sensor, quiet operation and low energy consumption make the new VacSy sealing unit very safe and economical to use.


Ideal for fresh food (vegetables, fruit, meat) and cooked meals. Glass containers be used for heating food in microwave ovens and for serving cooked meals.
• Soda-lime tempered glass containers: thermal shock resistant up to 90°C; suitable for food with a high water content
• Curved shapes for easy use and simple food storage
•  Made in various sizes and can be used for various purposes


Plastic containers are ideal for storing and keeping dehydrated food (rice, pasta, cookies, corn flakes, spices, coffee, tea, etc)
• Made of food safe material,
•  Available in 6 sizes


Lexi lids are made in various sizes and are compatible with the Zepter Cookware with a diameter of 16, 20 and 24 cm. Vacuum-pack straight from the pot! 


Suitable for commercial containers as well as for the patented VacSy® line. Universal lids are made in two sizes: for jars of 4-8 cm and of 8-16 cm in diameter.
• Patented valve and calendar mechanism
• Made for container with even edges (jars, glasses, cups…)
•  Reseal your opened glass jars by re-vacuuming them!


 Beautifully designed multi purpose containers for all kinds of food. Suitable for various purposes, from vacuum-packing to serving.
• Ideal as cake cover
• Neat refrigeration
•  Available in 4 sizes


Cone-shaped so they can fit bottle necks of 17 to 20 mm, as required. Practical for storing fruit juices, milkshakes, tomato sauce, fruit salads...


Foil made out of PA/PE, an impermeable, germ-free, tough and flexible material. Strong material prevents leaking, bursting and keeps the vacuumed bags perfectly sealed

VacSy food vacuum system

VacSy Glass and Plastic Containers

VacSy Vaccum Pump and Containers


  • Only natural way to preserve food
  • Easy to use, hygienic
  • Food lasts up to 5 times longer than usual
  • Preserves vitamins and nutrients
  • Preserves natural colors, aromas and flavors of food
  • Stop wasting food
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Keep the refrigerator odor-free
  • Compatible with Zepter Masterpiece Cookware
  • Money-saving
  • Prevent food poisoning & related diseases

Cook less often, but still have delicious and healthy meals ready to be enjoyed! A longer life for your food, a healthy life for you.